Flot chart types

Chart types

Flot supports a variety of chart types,line chart、bar chart、area chart、stacked chart and pie chart are commonly seen, below shows the charts that we metioned above, and we will explain how to draw Flot charts and the steps to take in more detail in the following chapters. For now, some of charts still require additional plug-ins, such as stacked charts need to use jquery.flot.stack.js, and pie charts need to use jquery.flot.pie.js. But in the future all of these plug-ins will be intergrated by the author as the newer version coming out.

Flot also provides interactive features of charts.
  • Master-detail chart that supports zooming feature, so you can view more detailed information in different duration.
  • Toggle series, if there is more than one dataset in one chart, you can choose to hide certain dataset.
  • Realtime update chart, allows chart to update in a given time interval, commonly used to show instant online users.

Line chart
Area chart
Bar chart
Horizontal bar chart
Stacked bar chart
Pie chart